May 5th: TeamPostgreSQL 1.07 released.


We are very pleased to announce the release of TeamPostgreSQL 1.07, the free user-friendly AJAX powered PostgreSQL web administration package.


TeamPostgreSQL is a free PostgreSQL web interface, that enables access to PostgreSQL databases through the browser. Ideal for organizations to provide database access via the internet or intranet, or simply as a great database interface on your local machine.


Some feature highlights:


* Fast and dynamic AJAX web interface
* Powerful data navigation, using one-click search, relationship navigation, filtering and more
* Database management, including database objects and tablespace management
* Import/export of individual database objects or entire databases
* Tabbed SQL editor with SQL auto-completion
* Favorites function for easy storing and sharing of SQL snippets and scripts
* Upload and download files directly to/from binary fields
* Lots more useful stuff!


Go ahead and try the online demo or download TeamPostgreSQL. Enjoy!